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Golf Should Be Fun!

Golf should be fun for women and this site will help you have more fun!

Do you feel like you won't know what to do when you step out onto a course? Everyone has felt that way at one time or another and this site will help you through those first-time jitters.Feel like you don't know all the rules about the game? Most people don't know them all either, but Golf Tips for Women.com will point out the most common ones so you can start golfing with confidence.

Do you feel like you might make etiquette errors? Not everyone has good manners on the course, but our golf tips will help you understand what to do in certain situations. Feel like you don't know whether to play a course or not? Golf Tips for Women.com will describe various courses so you can get a feel as to whether you'd like to try them out yourself.

This site provides you with key golf tips so you will gain confidence to get out on the course and start having more fun! Even tips on what kind of equipment to buy, types of golf apparel to wear, where to eat after the 18th hole, or what to cook if you and your friends have a pot-luck get-together, are some of the key features to this website for golfing women.



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